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Saturday, February 3, 2024

Rethinking justice in the 21st century

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We must put an end to the bestial practice of the death penalty because it is contrary to the principles of humanity that we must strive to uphold. When we take someone's life as punishment for his or her crimes, we not only perpetuate a cycle of violence, but we also deprive ourselves of the opportunity to learn and grow as a society.

Healing, understanding and empathy

It is understandable that victims and their loved ones may feel anger and a desire for revenge when confronted with such heinous crimes. It is just essential to accept that giving them the power to decide the perpetrator's fate is not the solution. Justice should not be about revenge, but about encouraging healing, understanding and empathy.

Learn and recover from mistakes

Rather than simply focusing on the actions of these people, we need to see the power they possess to make a positive contribution to society. Rehabilitation and education can play a crucial role in their change, giving them the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and make amends. By offering these people the opportunity to grow and change, we can create a society for compassion and second chances.


The same can be said about political conflicts. Instead of resorting to violence and warfare, we must prioritize diplomacy and empathy. Understanding the root causes of conflict and working together to find peaceful solutions is the path to a better future. This means putting aside ego and the desire for dominance, and instead embracing the principles of understanding and cooperation.

Mentality change

Sometimes it seems easier to look for practical solutions to problems than to address the underlying mindsets and attitudes that contribute to them. It is only through a change in mentality that we will achieve real progress. We must accept that change starts with us: in the way we interact, the words we choose and the messages we convey through the media.

Building a peaceful future requires a common effort. It's really not a utopian fantasy, but a real possibility if we are willing to go for it. Technology can play a supporting role in this journey, but the changes in mindset and values will really pave the way for a harmonious society.


Rather than fearing or limiting developments like artificial intelligence (AI), we should explore ways to harness its power for the greater good. By making AI energy efficient and maximizing its capabilities, we can open up many opportunities for positive impact. In the same way, biotechnology, with innovative techniques such as CRISPR/cas9, offers enormous hope for curing genetic diseases. Yet progress in these areas is being held back by a lack of resources and attention.

Full power

By shifting our focus to rehabilitation, education, and the development of advanced technologies, we can reshape society in profound ways. Imagine a world where we invest in rehabilitating and educating those who have committed crimes. By giving them the tools to learn, grow, and make meaningful contributions, we can inspire conversion and prevent future harm. A world where we use technologies to cure diseases and even conquer death. By giving these technologies and innovation a much higher priority. Using all possible manpower. A world in which we can live in harmony and love.


Likewise, when faced with political conflict, we must prioritize dialogue, understanding and empathy over violence and hostility. By focusing on healing wounds and promoting forgiveness, we can pave the way for solutions for peace and a harmonious future.

The role of Each of us

In practice, killing as a form of justice or solution is outdated and harmful. We have the power to build a future where violence is replaced by understanding, compassion and cooperation. Each of us has a role to play in setting a positive example and standing up for a society that admires life, growth and unity.

Let's embrace our shared humanity to create a world we can be proud of.


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